A Closer Look at the Ketogenic Diet

By Dr. Homer Wall DC / March 31, 2018 /

You might know somebody who is living on the Ketogenic Diet (KD), or at the very least you might hear people using the term “keto.” You might even be annoyed by it by now. Vital Energy Wellness and Chiropractic Center would like to take a closer look at this diet as a way to educate…

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Most Risky Sports/Activities for Your Back and Spine

By Dr. Homer Wall DC / March 26, 2018 /

Vital Energy Wellness & Chiropractor Center sees a lot of patients who sustain back injuries while engaging in sports and other activities. One price we pay for staying active is that we open ourselves up to a host of injuries that can come as a result of putting ourselves out there. Risky Activity #1: Running This…

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5 Benefits of Nutritional Cleansing

By Dr. Homer Wall DC / March 23, 2018 /

Sure, you’ve probably heard about someone in your life going on a nutritional cleanse. But what does that entail? Maybe your friend is going on a juice cleanse of some sort; maybe they’re doing the cayenne pepper, honey, and lemon juice thing. Today Vital Energy Wellness & Chiropractic Center Inc would like to break down some…

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Headaches and Spine Problems

By Dr. Homer Wall DC / March 20, 2018 /

We admit the title sounds a bit like a bad country album, but headaches can often arise from underlying spine problems. Once such condition is a Cervicogenic Headache, which can be related to excessive neck stress. This kind of a headache might result from: Cervical Osteoarthritis Damaged Disc Whiplash Movements Cervical Nerve Compression The neck consists…

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Could Drinking Be Linked to Lower Back Pain?

By Dr. Homer Wall DC / March 17, 2018 /

If you’ve ever gone out for a hard night of drinking, then you might have experienced some aches and pains from the night before. Ways You Can Get Hurt While Drinking Let’s skip the fact that you can get hurt when you lose your inhibitions. Drinking alcohol not only disrupts and damages the decision-making area…

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Chiropractic Care, It’s Not Just for Adults

By Dr. Homer Wall DC / March 13, 2018 /

Read on to learn a little more about how chiropractic care benefits patients of all ages, from children, to adults, to senior citizens. Many times, people make the mistake of thinking that chiropractic care is only reserved for those who experience serious back problems, those who experience injury, whether that be on the job, at…

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Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

By Dr. Homer Wall DC / March 9, 2018 /

Expecting Moms out there, it’s just as important to take care of your body as it is to take care of the baby you’re making. Chiropractic care might not be the first thing you think of during pregnancy, but it could very well be the difference between a smooth or turbulent experience. Let’s be honest,…

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Chiropractors at the Oscars!

By Dr. Homer Wall DC / March 2, 2018 /

Vital Energy Wellness & Chiropractic Center would like to bring up chiropractic care and how it relates to the Oscars ceremony, Hollywood’s signature awards event held every year. When we think of the stars, we think of million dollar smiles that cost tens of thousands of dollars to maintain. We think of boisterous hair styles…

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