Health Consequences of Not Getting Enough Sleep

By Dr. Homer Wall DC / April 30, 2018 /

Maybe you’re working two jobs to pay the bills, or maybe you’re a high-powered executive with a Fortune 500 company — in this day and age, more and more people are glorifying sacrificing sleep in order to get a little bit ahead in life. Lack of sleep can lead to numerous health problems and diseases…

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Tips for Stellar Self Care

By Dr. Homer Wall DC / April 26, 2018 /

Self care is a term that’s all the rage with the young folks. But what do some of us really mean when we say that we’re taking the time to look out for ourselves? Schools of social work tend to categorize self-care as activities or practices that people engage in regularly that reduces stress —…

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3 Spine-Friendly Earth Day Activities

By Dr. Homer Wall DC / April 21, 2018 /

To some, Earth Day might mean planting a tree. To other people, Earth Day might mean an obligation to get out and inhabit nature, perhaps in an attempt to enjoy all the good our planet has to offer. Vital Energy Wellness & Chiropractic Center Inc. would like to review ways that patients and readers can…

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Auto Injuries and Your Back

By Dr. Homer Wall DC / April 17, 2018 /

We see a lot of back injuries that have to do with automobile accidents. Many of these are totally unavoidable. If you live in a large city like, say, New York, or Los Angeles, you are going to come into contact with some of the riskiest drivers in the world.  Drive Safe for Yourself and…

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Physiotherapy and How Patients Stand to Benefit

By Dr. Homer Wall DC / April 14, 2018 /

You might have heard the term physiotherapy, but maybe you’ve been unclear about what it is and why we provide this service to our patients. At Vital Energy Wellness & Chiropractic Center Inc. we believe that preventive medicine is just as vital to our patients and readership as seeking expert chiropractic care when you experience…

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Chiropractor Near You

By Dr. Homer Wall DC / April 11, 2018 /

If you’re experiencing back, neck, or leg pain, it’s often a good idea to consider chiropractic treatment as a means to avoid costly (and sometimes risky) surgeries which can take you out of the game for a considerable amount of time. Truth is not many folks can afford to be out of work recovering from…

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Arvada chiropractor

3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Spine Healthy

By Dr. Homer Wall DC / April 3, 2018 /

Vital Energy Wellness & Chiropractic Center Inc. believes as much in preventive medicine as we do in our chiropractic treatments and services. That’s why we like to educate our patients about things they can do, measures they can take, and lifestyle choices our patients and readershiop can make which will help enhance their daily lives.…

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