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Dr. Homer Wall DC

Hello! For the last 35 years I have been helping thousands of people feel better, get healthier and stronger, and increase their vitality.


Quality Chiropractic Care

You are complex and your parts can break

We can't help everyone but we want to. We offer lots of treatments for many of life's bumps in the road including

Our Speciality

Weight Loss and Cleansing

Learn what makes us sicker, weaker, and very often more overweight...

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Nutritional Counseling

We answer nutritional questions everyday and have heard hundreds.

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Cold Laser Therapy

Our next-generation laser technology is trusted by thousands.

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Chiropractor near me

Dr. Homer Wall

What are YOU looking for? Quick-relief? Speedy recovery? Get rid of a problem for good? Wellness for your lifetime? All the above?

Chiropractor near me

Kimberly Paluch

Dr.Homer Wall is an amazing man. I started seeing him for laser treatments and then started seeing him for Chiropractic therapy as well within 2 sessions. I was sleeping better and was free of back and neck pain and didn't have daily headaches anymore. Within a month. I've had more energy and feel so much better and haven't had any pain since. Thank you so much Dr. Wall for helping me get back to a happy life again.

Very Affordable

We offer payment plans for most every budget, and we accept many insurance plans.

Unique Plans

I know everyone is unique -- not only in what they want but in what it takes to get them to where they want to be. I will work with you according to your unique needs and wants.

Easy Appointments

Undecided? Call today for an appointment. Let's meet and talk about what you are experiencing and what you are looking for.

We Listen

Listen to your body. Although back pain may go away, it usually comes back later -- and at the most inopportune time. Don't put it off any longer. Call today.

Our office has the goal to make you a master of your own health

Our treatment is focused on real results and practical workflows.