Auto Accidents

Woman feeling neck ache after bad cars pile up

Eva is doing much better after seeing Dr. Wall, although she had seen other doctors for her condition prior to seeing Dr. Wall.

Here is a story of a woman who suffered a major car accident.

CONDITION: Headaches, Neck Pain, Sciatica, Upper Back Pain

Patient Data: 29 yr. old woman, sales.

Symptoms: Severe thundering headaches. Left arm pain and trembling. Left leg pain and trembling. Low back pains. Shoulder and knee pains. Menstrual disorders.

Onset/Cause: Had automobile head-on collision. Was thrown from vehicle and run over by another car.

Duration: Seven years. Constant moderate to severe symptoms.

Medical History: Physical therapy to neck including hot packs, massage, and traction. Multiple surgeries. Full body CAT scan including the brain. Drug therapy to no help. Neurosurgeon specifically told her not to go to a chiropractor and diagnosed her as having scar tissue on the brain which caused headaches and tremors in legs and arms.

Chiropractic History: Had seen another chiropractor with no help.

Chiropractic Diagnosis: Dr. Wall diagnosed chronic post-traumatic cervical cranial syndrome. Multiple subluxation complexes. Scoliosis with unilateral cervical and lumbar radiculoneuropathy.

Objective Findings: X-Rays demonstrated multiple vertebral misalignments. Mild lumbar scoliosis. Fracture of T7. Bony foraminal encroachment of left C3-C4 IVF.

Treatment Regimen: Spinal adjustments to correct subluxations. Intersegmental traction and diathermy. Daily for two weeks then twenty-five treatments over seven months.

Results/Prognosis: Excellent. Typing speed increased from 10 wpm to 31 wpm. Increased ability to walk. Patient states she is symptom free and taking no drugs. When asked where it hurts, she said: “not only does it not hurt, but I feel good for the first time in seven years!”

“After my car accident two months ago I suffered from neck pain, exhaustion, lower back pain and wrist pain. I was tired all the time. I couldn’t use my wrists. I took Tylenol, used sleeping aids at night, took hot baths, used stimulants during the day to stay awake. I wrapped my wrists so they wouldn’t hurt.

After just a couple months of treatment I have so much energy my 1-year-old has trouble keeping up with me! My neck no longer hurts, my lower back pain has been reduced significantly, and I can use my wrists again.

I definitely recommend Dr. Wall to anyone who has been in a car accident!” — MK


About a year before coming in to see Dr. Wall I was in a car accident. During that year I suffered with constant neck pain, lower back pain, bad headaches around three times daily and dizziness so bad I could not drive.

I had seen other doctors but without relief or correction.

Since coming to see Dr. Wall I don’t have any more pain, no headaches at all, and no pain whatsoever in my neck. In general my energy level is much better and I feel that I can count on feeling well enought to work now.

Thank you Dr. Wall for all your help and upport in treating me after my car accident!

VR 11/19/08

Dr. Homer Wall DC