Back Health in Regards to the Outdoors and Yoga


People in fitness and wellness circles are starting to ditch the beefcake Venice Beach aesthetic. Of course, if you can achieve that sort of look, then good on you. But more and more, flexibility and versatility are being celebrated in today’s society. You might hear of many retreating to the mountains, the lake, or the woods to get their exercise in. You might hear of friends of both sexes taking yoga classes as well. It’s all a good idea, if you make sure to take safe precautions.

On Hiking

It’s multitasking, really, the idea of getting back to nature, back to the basics, and also doing something that happens to get the heart rate up. You get that fresh air while you’re at it. Instead of staring at yet another screen on a treadmill, you’re actually binge-watching majestic mother nature.

Make sure you pick the right backpack. Here’s a pretty sweet article from highlighting spine-friendly backpacks for your consideration. Make sure you stretch really well before you set out on the trail. Wear proper footwear — it’s also worth it to spring for gel soles. If you can manage, use walking poles for areas with uneven footing.


Paddleboarding is a great way to engage your core. You work your abs, your stabilizer muscles, even your back muscles. It’s a great low-impact activity for the joints, muscles, and tendons. Not to mention, it’s a great date option for the right type of someone (also a hilarious date option for the wrong type of someone), too.

Cycle and Re-Cycle

Biking is considered a non-weight bearing exercise. Just make sure to keep your back straight and make sure your seat is properly adjusted. Try to avoid rough, uneven surfaces.

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