Back Pain Vs. Kidney Pain


Back pain and kidney pain often get confused because the kidneys are located toward the back and underneath the ribcage. It can often be hard to tell where the pain is coming from and what to attribute your condition.

That’s why Vital Energy Wellness & Chiropractic Center Inc would like to discuss some differences between the two in order to help you self-diagnose your situation. Of course, if it all seems too complicated to you, you can always book a consultation with an experienced chiropractic care specialist in Arvada, CO — preferably Vital Energy!

More on Kidney Pain

Kidney pain is most often going to be felt at the flank, on either side of the spine (between your bottom set of ribs and your hips. Pain will most often occur on one side of the body, but it’s not completely abnormal to experience pain in both sides simultaneously.

Kidney pain will usually be very sharp, (with, say, a kidney stone), or it can be dull (if you have, say, an infection). The pain is most often a constant type that increases with movement.

Back Pain

Back pain is actually far more common than kidney pain — usually sourcing the pain in the muscles, bones, or even the nerves in the back. Back pain is expansive because it can occur anywhere on the back, and even the buttocks. Muscle pain will feel dull. If you’ve experienced nerve damage you might feel a sharp, burning sensation which can travel all the way down the leg. Back pain can be acute or chronic.

With educational resources like these, we can help our patients recognize the source of their pain and plan accordingly. Vital Energy not only offers chiropractic care and wellness services, but we also offer preventive medicine that could be the difference between injury and activity. Contact us today to learn more about how we can get you back to active again.

Dr. Homer Wall DC