Balance Deficits

Balance disorders are often the result of very severe symptoms of underlying illnesses, injuries, or even reactions to medication. In most situations, it involves a problem with the vestibular structure of the inner ear, which controls our sense of balance. The vestibular structure works in correspondence with the eyes, brain, muscles to coordinate visual cues and movement. In balance disorders, the brain is receiving incorrect signals from these other organs.

Different chiropractic treatments may be used to treat balance disorders depending on the root of the cause. In some cases, where the cervical (neck) joints are not moving correctly, adjustments to the cervical spinal joints can help them move properly and optimize the travel of the correct messages to the brain. In other cases, patients may be put through a series of positions in order to help clear debris that may have settled in the sensitive structures of the inner ear that may be causing balance disorders.

Dr. Homer Wall DC