Benefits of Rock Climbing


Vital Energy Wellness & Chiropractic Center Inc. always encourages our wide, diverse patient base to experiment and switch it up when it comes to their outdoor activities and their fitness routines.

As part of our new series, we’ll be deconstructing an exercise/activity every week or two, tying it in when we can to how it relates to your back, spine, and core — all of which are vital in keeping you mobile and well!

Build Strength and Endurance

Through rock climbing, you can build your upper body strength — it’s a fantastic compliment to running or biking! Don’t worry, though, your lower body gets plenty of stimulation as rock climbing also involved intricate footwork.

Boost Brain Activity

Whether you’re at your nearest bouldering cave or at an indoor facility, rock climbing requires problem-solving skills as climbers are tasked to figure out how to scale and traverse walls and cliffs.

Rock Climbing Reduces Stress

It’s a known fact that exercising increases our levels of norepinephrine — a chemical that balances our brain response to stress! It’s also a meditation of sorts, ideally, as you focus only on the task at hand in order to complete the climb.

In closing, rock climbing is an activity we recommend to our patients, but only if they do it safely every step of the way. If you experience back, neck, or leg pain that persists, contact Vital Energy Wellness & Chiropractic Center Inc today to schedule your consultation.

Dr. Homer Wall DC