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Our viewpoint:

At Vital Energy Wellness & Chiropractic Center, we believe health is a commodity that all humanity is entitled to and can achieve without the intervention of harmful drugs. In addition, there are many aspects one must learn to truly become healthy. As a matter of fact, Mental/Behavioral Health problems are often the result of physical maladies, such as allergies or sensitivities. To demonstrate, please watch this video and find out the truth about mental health treatment offered in our society. Furthermore, If you are experiencing problems with depression, anxiety, lack of concentration, insomnia, etc. we may be able to help. Call 303-463-9395 for a free consultation. It may be a physical problem.

To clarify, Here is a video and professional opinion by renowned Dr. Mercola, explaining in detail very well what we are dealing with in the realm of mental health. With this in mind, please watch the video and read the page so you are informed before you have to make any life-changing decisions.

We would like to share the following successes with you.

"Before coming in to see Dr. Wall, Jacob (age 11) had been suffering from a lack of focus and concentration in school for about three years. He was failing in school, not getting the grades I knew he was capable of. Jacob was told by his school that he had a 'learning disability and needed to be on a prescription drug. I was asked to take him to his doctor who offered me a variety of medications to choose from.

After two months of treatment by Dr. Wall, and no medication, Jacob is doing much better in school. He went from failing math to A's -- his attitude is much better. Even the teachers noticed the improvement.

I highly recommend Dr. Wall as an alternative solution for anyone who has a child not doing well in school.

As a parent, I am opposed to prescription drugs so this worked out really well." --CA 12/30/08

"I was suffering for a year with anxiety, fatigue, and gastrointestinal problems. I was using the regular method -- drugs -- to handle the problem before coming to see Dr. Wall. With standard chiropractic treatments and nutritional help, many of the problems I had were greatly reduced and some have gone away! Thank you, Dr. Wall, for your help. I feel much better." --JG 1/2/08

"I used to get really bad mood swings, one day I was so mad at my relatives I didn't speak to them for the whole day! I've had this problem for about 20 years and got very tired of it. All I did to handle it was take vitamins. I thought all I would be able to do was to put up with my mood swings until I got treated by Dr. Wall.

Now my PMS time is not an issue at all. I can live through it! Even my girls have noticed. Thank you so very much!"

--EO 6/11/07

My good friend runs a school in Miami where children who have been labeled with a learning disability have gone and discovered they did not have any disability at all. The only disability they discovered was the school's lack of interest in them as students. They have flourished at her school and many have graduated and been able to attend the college of their choosing. Here is an independent article that was written on her achievements: --BB

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