Why See a Chiropractor if I Don’t Have Pain?

chiropractors near me

chiropractors near me

What does a Chiropractor really do?

Many people think of a Chiropractor as a "back pain doctor". This is true, but more accurately a Chiropractor is a "Nervous System Specialist" (kind of like the "IT guy" for your body). The Central Nervous System just happens to be located in your spine.

A Doctor of Chiropractic (or D.C.) goes to school for eight years to get their degree. They study exactly how the body works and what it takes to get the body working naturally and normally again. A Chiropractor can diagnose just like any medical doctor, plus they can diagnose and treat nerve problems which contribute to or cause pain, illness and disease without the use of drugs or surgery.

What Causes Your Body to Stop Functioning Naturally & Normally?

Let's take a look at the possibilities...

Did you ever:

  • Fall off your bike?
  • Fall out of your high chair or crib?
  • Exercise? Do sit-ups
  • Drive for hours?
  • Sit longer than an hour at your computer?
  • Hold the phone to your ear with your shoulder?
  • Travel in an airplane?
  • Have a car accident or fender-bender?

The list can be extended indefinitely. The point is, we need to use our bodies to live and they get bumped and bruised. It's part of life. Fortunately bodies are very durable and compensate to some degree. Did you ever have a pain that just "went away"? The body probably compensated! It might have recruited other muscles to help out the weak ones. Unfortunately these compensations add up and over the years we end up hunched over, getting our hips/knees/shoulders replaced, etc. etc.

The most significant consequences of these "bumps and bruises" is the misalignment of the bones in your spine putting pressure on the nerves. Obviously, the back bones (vertebrae) and discs are flexible. If they weren't we wouldn't be able to twist and bend. We'd be stiff like a Barbie or Ken doll. The spinal cord runs the length of your spine, from the brain to the tailbone, and the nerves branch out from it like roots between each of the vertebra and discs. It is important to put the misaligned vertebra back in place after we get "bumped" so the Nervous System can continue to function properly.

What's So Important about the Nervous System?

The nervous system is like the communication system in a computer, or your car, or any electronic device. A short circuit or cut connection can wreak havoc in the system. Ninety percent of the nerves in the Nervous System carry function messages to and from your brain to your body.

As an example: when you eat something the stomach sends a signal to your brain begin the digestive process. The signal includes the exact right amount of acid to produce. Why do people have indigestion, ulcers, acid reflux? Probably a wrong signal is being sent due to a short circuit in the nervous system (the pressure on the nerves).

It only takes the weight of a single quarter (or a very slight spinal misalignment) to cut off sixty percent (60%) of the flow of nerve energy. Will a medication correct the problem completely? Not likely unless the medication also corrects the short circuit. More likely it will mask the problem, like a Band-Aid, and your body will continue to degenerate.

Can you believe only 10% of the nerves in the Nervous System carry the "pain" message? By only getting an adjustment when you feel "pain" (in the 10% of the nerves), the other 90% of the nerves (which are carrying messages to and from your brain and body) may continue to be severely compromised without correction until the 10% complain! This compromise usually leads to degeneration and could result weakness, disease and malfunction of the area where those neglected nerves carry the communication.

Have you ever known someone with headaches? How about a loss of grip strength? Does PMS ring a bell? The body has incredible healing powers, but when there is pressure on the nerves it could use a little help from a Chiropractor. Symptoms like the above are simply messages that something is wrong. Correctly interpret the messages and you'll realize the body is asking for your help.

So, Why Go to a Chiropractor?

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you take care of your Nervous System, your body can be healthier, stronger, and more pain-free. A perfectly healthy body does not have pain or disease. A Chiropractor studies the human anatomy extensively, including the Nervous System. Your Chiropractor helps the nerve heal itself and start to do its job again, by just moving the bone off the nerve and relieving the pressure on it. The area of the body that the nerve communicates with also has the potential to heal and function more completely.

But Why Do I Need to See Him so Frequently?

How often do you need to do an exercise to see significant results? Once a year, month, or week? Obviously at LEAST once per week. A study was conducted on patients who went to see a chiropractor a total

of 12 times. This was broken down into 1 time per week for 12 weeks, 2 times a week for 6 weeks, and 3 times a week for 4 weeks. The patients who got the best results were the ones who went 3 times a week. Chiropractors are working with the body to help you get the best results. Once the desired results are achieved then you work into a maintenance schedule so you don't lose what you've gained.

You also need to help your body out! It's the only body you've got. Let your Chiropractor know about anything you experience that is new or different for you. Follow his recommendations and you should enjoy less pain, and have a healthier, stronger body with less disease. And you just might love living longer than you thought.

What Makes Dr. Wall Special

Prior to becoming a Chiropractor, Dr. Wall received his Civil Engineering degree from the University of Nebraska and worked as an Engineer for the City of Aurora, Colorado and Lincoln, Nebraska.

His love to help others prompted him to go back to college and become a Doctor of Chiropractic graduating from the prestigious Logan College. Dr. Wall is a Board Certified Chiropractor in the states of California, Nebraska, Missouri, and Colorado. He has been in practice helping people become healthy for over 29 years.

In addition to his education as a Chiropractor, Dr. Wall continues his studies and research. This additional knowledge includes Acupuncture, Applied Kinesiology, Sports Injuries, Allergy treatment, Cold Laser Therapy, Nutritional Counseling, Weight Loss, Maximizing Muscle Strength & Endurance, and Energy Balancing, Rehydration Technique, BioCranial Therapy, Body Cleansing, Spinal Rehabilitation, Core Exercises, to name a few.

Can Dr. Wall help everyone?

Dr. Wall has varied techniques that he employs to treat his patients, depending on the patient's needs and preferences. Since every one of his patients is unique and responds differently to treatment, Dr. Wall takes time to sit with each patient at regular intervals to review progress made and tweak their program for maximum improvement.

Dr. Wall offers a selection of programs. These programs offer flexibility in time and budget with the end goal of a healthier person.

In the event your situation requires another or additional treatment that Dr. Wall does not offer, he is prepared to refer you to a qualified specialist.

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