Cold Laser Therapy

Close-up of a female cosmetologist in a medical coat making a young woman  a procedure laser hair removal for leg. Cosmetology, ionization, diamond procedures.

Much study has been done about Cold Lasers. There are just about as many lasers as there are studies! It has been discovered, however, there is a specific wavelength that communicates with the cells and causes a state called “photobiomodulation”. This state stimulates the cells to function efficiently to help heal, correct maladies and more. There are several things cold lasers are used for in our office. Here is a list of a few:

Cold Laser Allergy Elimination

Cold Laser to quit smoking

Cold Laser for pain reduction

Cold Laser to stimulate healing

and a host of others.

If you have questions or are looking for specific help with cold lasers, please call us.

Dr. Homer Wall DC