Allergy Elimination Technique


Over the last 20 years, I have ruined more restaurants’ reputations than you can count. During this time, I have experienced nausea, dizziness, and outright throwing up on a weekly and then daily basis. Even scarier for me was the acceleration of heart rate and mental fogginess that happened before I was sick. For a long time I blamed food poisoning. And then, as the number of incidences increased in frequency and discomfort, I came to realize that something was terribly wrong. As I told my husband, I was tired of throwing up. So off I went to my doctor, again and again. None of them found anything wrong and the universal diagnosis was psychological stress. I kept diaries tracking what I ate and my emotional state. There did not seem to be any consistency in content of what I ate or with what was going on in my life–happy or sad, I threw up. I felt as if I were being poisoned, and so I was.

When I first went to Dr. Wall (for a bio-cranial treatment tune-up) I learned through testing that I was allergic to many spices and foods including fruit, meats, and vegetables. Beverages, too. Together we have worked through treatment for over 125 items. My favorite foods like salmon, corn, and dates I discovered I was not allergic to. But there were many items that I remember feeling queasy when I ate them as a teenager. (My parents who were very loving and caring believed that allergies were bogus, so it never crossed my mind that I might have an allergy.)

When I went to college, one of my best friends, was very allergic to many items, had allergy treatments by an allergist (M.D), and as warned by the doctor, experienced a common side effect: sterility. This also convinced me that I could not be allergic to anything,

After Dr. Wall’s non-invasive allergy treatments, I can enjoy eating and the time after eating. No more waking up in the middle of the night to make a mad dash to the bathroom, no more fogginess, exhaustion, or bloating. Ten years ago, I would look in the mirror and wonder how I could be 135 pounds and look really fat. Now at 150 pounds, I look thinner than I did ten years ago at 135–no bloating.

Our bodies are submerged in an ocean of chemicals that entered our environment after WWII. We live in a toxic age where the safety of thousands of synthetic chemicals is determined by how many parts per million kills a mouse. My doctors were right that it was stress, but not the kind of stress they were talking about. Instead of psychology, the doctors should have considered chemistry.

I feel so good now. And when I do run across a food or chemical (skin cream for example) that triggers the symptoms, I usually don’t react so violently. And then I take a sample into Dr. Wall and we deal with it.

Thank you Dr. Wall. — DB, December 12, 2007

Dr. Homer Wall DC