Get Rid of Tech Neck


Tech Neck is a very real problem in our increasingly connected society, when many of us spend long periods of time in front of computers, or gaze down at our handheld devices, like our phones, tablets, and eReaders. It comes at a particular price to our necks. 

We call this specific problem Tech Neck because the pain we experience is directly attributed to our technology use. Our society doesn’t seem like it’s getting any less dependent on technology, which is why we thought we’d give you some information about how to fight tech neck, which will enhance your back, neck, and spine in the process. 

Use Versatility of Movement

Over-emphasize a slouching position, rolling your shoulders forward and bending your neck forward. Then, do the opposite and roll your shoulders backward while pointing your chin toward the ceiling.

You can also raise up your arms for overhead reaches and incorporate neck rolls, clockwise and counter clockwise. But Make sure that you do it slowly and gently as jerky movements will not help the situation and could end up straining your neck.

Get Up Once and Hour

Try to get up from your chair at least once every hour. The idea is to change movement and position every 20 minutes or so, but we also know you have to be productive at work. But if your boss is giving you trouble for getting up once an hour, maybe it’s time to brush up the resume. 

What If My Neck Still Hurts and I Need a Chiropractor Near Me?

Although these practices will certainly help your situation, some neck pain might be there to stay. In such cases, contact Vital Energy Wellness & Chiropractic Center Inc. at 303-229-5374. We provide drug-free, holistic solutions for neck pain, back and spine pain, even leg pain. Call today to schedule your consultation.

Dr. Homer Wall DC