I am a consultant for Chiropractors. I’ve had over 150 doctors I’ve worked with, many of whom have given me Chiropractic care while on the road. I’ve had adjustments from over 35 different doctors.

Dr. Wall is the best and the most competent Chiropractor I’ve ever been treated by.

His wide range of knowledge and expertise in adjusting and nutrition is unmatched.

I received several Biocranial treatments from him while I was in Colorado (I live in Florida). Along with the adjusting and nutrition I received from him, I found the Biocranials brought my health and strength into a new range of stability.

My last treatment from Dr. Wall was over 5 months ago. My body is still stable from his treatments. I attribute it to the Biocranials which, as Dr. Wall explains, heals the body from within.

I am extremely impressed with Dr. Wall’s abilities. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Working with Dr. Wall towards a full resolution of one’s physical condition is a very smart thing to do. Don’t hesitate. Your life will be much better!



Dr. Homer Wall DC