Most Risky Sports/Activities for Your Back and Spine


Vital Energy Wellness & Chiropractor Center sees a lot of patients who sustain back injuries while engaging in sports and other activities. One price we pay for staying active is that we open ourselves up to a host of injuries that can come as a result of putting ourselves out there.

Risky Activity #1: Running

This is a big one because we have so many runners out there. The constant impact and repetitive nature of running can lead to back pain, especially when we run on uneven surfaces. The best way to prevent running injuries is to develop a healthy stretching routine, to develop strengh training exercises that develop your back, and to always wear proper footwear.

If you’re big on running, it’s also a good idea to develop a close relationship with your friendly neighborhood chiropractor who will straighten you out if your spine gets misaligned.

Risky Activity #2: Golf

We know, this is another big one. Lots of big deals and great connections can get made out on the golf course. It’s also the chosen activity of many seniors, since it is deemed less active than, say, basketball or football.

However, the act of swinging a golf club puts incredible stress on your back and spine. Tennis is another activity that puts similar stress on your body.

Professional golfers make sure to see a chiropractor since their livelihood depends on it. If you engage in the sport regularly, it might not be a bad idea to call Vital Energy for an appointment here and there.

Risky Activity #3: Football

Football has gotten a ton of deserved flack for head trauma that players endure, but the sport is also incredibly risky for your back. Look to one of the on-field terms used when a player experiences a nasty hit. It’s called a stinger, which might generate a painful sensation that shoots and radiates through the arms and the rest of the body. You can also experience back and neck strains on the gridiron as well.

Obviously, people are still going to engage in risky activities for their back and spine. Pushing our bodies to the limits brings certain rewards, but often we’ll have to pay a price. 

Vital Energy Wellness & Chiropractor Center is committed to keeping our patients healthy and active for the long haul. Call 303-229-5374 to schedule your appointment.

Dr. Homer Wall DC