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Bodies are very efficient organisms with the capability of surviving some pretty amazing things: surgery, accidents, and just life! Do you realize we come into contact with around 82,000 chemicals every week and we keep going despite that onslaught! The coolest thing about our bodies is they are capable of repairing themselves after we abuse them.

Our food does not provide the nutrition we need like it used to. To give you an example in 1914 an apple had:

  • 48% more calcium
  • 84% more magnesium
  • 96% more iron

than an apple does today!

Source: USDA

Waiting for a symptom to show up is waiting too long. Besides, symptoms are generally remedied with medication. Do you know anyone with a medication deficiency? Medications are all toxins, by the way. Toxins create an acidic environment in your body. Guess what loves an acidic environment? Disease.

The solution? Real food supplements. Considering the circumstances it’s a pretty sure bet the majority of bodies running around are deficient in some vitamin or mineral. Can you be sure to get what you need by taking a multivitamin? Not likely. You may need more of one type and less of another. Do you know which?

Another tip: Vitamins you buy in the store, including health food stores, are chemically manufactured. Surprised? Bodies like natural substances. Not chemicals and not “food-like” substances.

What are you willing to do to be healthy and avoid disease? Remember the saying “You are what you eat?” It is still true today.

Come in for a free nutritional evaluation. Perhaps your aches, pains, and illnesses are a result of a nutritional deficiency. Dr. Wall is a nutritional expert. He can help pin-point exactly what your body needs, give it the jump start necessary to get it back on track and on its way to a quality of life you want and deserve!
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