Chiropractic Care is Great for Active Baby Boomers!


More and more baby boomers are refusing to let advancing in age hold them back. It’s an admirable, really. However, this doesn’t mean that Baby Boomers don’t experience injury or wear and tear. On the contrary, people who are more advanced in age tend to feel the wear and tear with more intensity than, say, a twenty-one year old.

And that’s okay! Because Vital Energy Wellness & Chiropractic Center Inc is here for patients of all ages. A large part of what we do here is make sure that our diverse patient base stays active and healthy, and that can mean anything from Chiropractic Care to Weight Loss Consulting.  Founder Joe Nevin believes the best safety prevention for older skiers is conditioning because of the physicality of the sport.

It might be that you’re aging out of certain sports. Maybe you can’t play hoops anymore; maybe that means hanging up the skateboard or the skis. But, before you give up on your youthful pursuits, Chiropractic Care might actually help your body better deal with activity, setting you up to do more and better deal with physical limitations.

Over 5% of adults 65+ rely on chiropractic treatment, says the journal Chiropractic & Manual Therapies. And this doesn’t just mean for intervention. Today, more and more of our active Baby Boomer patients are making Chiropractic Treatment it a part of their monthly healthcare routine.

Just about 1 out of 6 patients are 65 or older and many come to Vital Energy seeking treatment for things like musculoskeletal pain, lower back pain, pain along the spine, but regular visits to a skilled chiropractor near you also comes along with the added benefit of preventative care.

Where to Find a Skilled Chiropractor in Arvada, CO

Contact Vital Energy Wellness & Chiropractic Center Inc today if you’re experiencing neck, back, spine, or even leg pain. We serve a diverse patient base of all ages. We have an amazing track record of getting patients back to active.

Dr. Homer Wall DC