Sports & Coordination


How is a lack of Strength, Coordination, Quickness and Endurance related to Allergies & Sensitivities?

You might not be surprised to learn that the body reacts to everything. But you might not realize how it reacts, and why. There are good reactions (strong) and bad reactions (sick), and there are “abnormal” reactions. Abnormal because not everyone’s is the same.

What kind of abnormal reactions?

Our air, food and water are infested with pollution and chemicals. We ingest these pollution and chemicals. Our bodies can protest with a “reaction”. We call this protest “allergies”, “intolerance” or “sensitivities”.

Reactions can be in the form of a weakness of some kind: digestive, immunity, respiratory, skin, eyes & nose, headaches, sleeping disorders, chronic pains, muscle weakness, dehydration, inability to heal, etc. Get the idea?

Dehydration is an Abnormal Reaction?

Bodies need water to function. Period. Bodies can survive a several days without food, but much less time without water. The effect of dehydration is developed by not providing your body with sufficient water over time. It doesn’t come from one day of no water. Once you are dehydrated, you are in a position of potential injury or health problems. Dry muscles get injured, dry ligaments tear, dry cartilage shrinks, dry organs don’t perform, dry skin wrinkles. Being hydrated is so critical for optimum functions the body has many ways to prevent dehydration. There is even a hormone produced by the hypothalamus to prevent dehydration called: Anti-Diuretic Hormone (ADH). But sometimes it doesn’t matter how much water a person drinks, it is still possible to be dehydrated! Why? The body rejects water! This may be because there are many harmful chemicals in water (fluorine, chlorine, personal care products, medications, pollutants, etc.). Even if you drink bottled water exclusively, many harmful substances cannot be filtered out. And no one can afford to risk dehydration, especially athletes!

Dr. Homer Wall DC