Tips for Stellar Self Care


Self care is a term that’s all the rage with the young folks. But what do some of us really mean when we say that we’re taking the time to look out for ourselves?

Schools of social work tend to categorize self-care as activities or practices that people engage in regularly that reduces stress — all as a way to maintain balance, enhance happiness, and lead to long-term and short-term healthy living.

Some of Us Are Doing Self Care All Wrong

Many of us are confined to the workplace for 40+ hours a week, which can often lead to happy hour on Fridays — if not sooner. So often we chase the easy fix, which can mean a few hours spent at the pub. Sounds like a great way to burn off steam, right? Well, maybe not.

Switch Up the Routine

What if you decided to completely change your daily habits? What if self-care looked like taking a yoga class 3x per week? What if self-care looked like reading a book at the park, or taking your weekly aggressions out on a punching back, a running trail, or a personal trainer?

The important thing to do is to re-examine what you’re doing when you need to get away from it all. Those things that you do when you want to decompress could be serving you a lot better than a hazy night of drinking with a steep bar tab to boot.

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Dr. Homer Wall DC