Weight Loss

Introducing a new, unique and effective cleansing & fat burning technology!

For centuries humans and animals alike, when sick, have instinctively stopped eating and drank more water, giving their bodies a chance to rest, cleanse and heal. Many religions historically fast to cleanse and heal the body and keep the mind physically and spiritually active and responsive.

Today, environmental pollutants, toxins, poor quality food, and stress are constantly bombarding our bodies, which affect digestion, absorption and elimination. Our diets today are loaded with chemicals and toxins. Our foods are processed, refined foods are tainted with pesticides, hormones and antibiotics, which can collect in our bloodstream and tissues causing us to feel tired, sick or overweight . . . 89 chemicals have been found in human blood, chemicals that should not be there.

Eliminating these toxins from the body through a technology designed to cleanse the system and provide nourishment results in weight loss as a natural side effect (or side benefit) to cleansing. Click on the link below or call our office for more information.


Dr. Homer Wall DC